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Quick Facts

Peak by the Numbers

Founded:  2012
Achieved AdvanceEd Accreditation:   2015
Serves: Grades 6-12
Fall 2016 School Year Info:

  • Number of Students – 71
  • Number of Full-Time Teachers & Staff – 8
  • Number Adjunct Teachers – 6

Where do Peak Students go to College?

There is no one kind of school that Peak students prefer. We take pride in the fact that Peak’s matriculation list reflects the unique mix of personalities, interests, and goals of our senior class. The class of 2017 are the first graduates in Peak School history.

Class of 2017 Matriculations:

The College of William & Mary / St. Andrews Joint Economics Program
The Evergreen State College
The Eugene Lang Liberal Arts College at The New School
Colorado School of Mines
Isaacson School of New Media, CMC

Additional Acceptances

Bowdoin College
Connecticut College
Hamilton College
Quest University
Skidmore College
University of Denver
CU Boulder
Colorado State University
Hampshire College
Fort Lewis College
Clark University
Babson College
American University


In spring of 2015, Peak welcomed a team from AdvanceEd, an international accrediting organization, for two days to observe classes and conduct interviews to evaluate the school’s leadership, curriculum, policies, procedures and fiscal viability. Accreditation is a seal of approval by an outside body that ensures that The Peak School delivers what we advertise: high quality academic and extracurricular programs in a safe and nurturing environment. On June 30, Peak received our official accreditation from AdvancEd, allowing for access to some grants and helping to attract international students. Accreditation is issued in five-year increments and the school will undergo a continuous improvement process outlined by AdvancEd.


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