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Welcome to The Peak School

A message from Head of School, Steve Coleman:

Dear Prospective Parents:

I moved 2,000 miles across the country to join The Peak School community because it is a school that is as concerned about students’ hearts as their minds, is more about engaging students in their own learning than testing what they’ve memorized, and because parents play an active and major role in the life of the school.

The enthusiasm for the school – by our students, our teachers, and our families – is immediately apparent and infectious. Teachers and parents are unabashedly devoted to our students, and work together and support each other in our collective effort to help them grow into compassionate, confident, and capable adults.

You will find as you read through our website that we take a different approach to education than can be found elsewhere in Summit County. We are guided by Common Principles that include a tone of decency and trust, demonstration of mastery in our classes, and democracy and equity in our school policies and governance. Our 8:1 student-teacher ratio allows our teachers to be role models, mentors, and coaches in an individualized way for each student.

Signature elements of our program are Outdoor Education where the whole of Summit County is our classroom; our assessments of student progress are based on the learning of concepts and skills rather than memorizing information; and students move through our Divisions based on their abilities, not their ages.

We’ve tripled our enrollment in four short years, and we are thrilled to be in a completely renovated, light-filled building designed to inspire learning and promote community and creativity. When we graduate our first class this year, our students will be more than ready – they will be eager – for the challenges of college and life beyond.

Come visit us – we may be exactly the kind of school and community you’ve been searching for and dreaming about. It was for me. And I look forward to meeting you.

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Steve Coleman