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Tuition Assistance

PiperThe Peak School is committed to enrolling those students who will actively and energetically participate in our focused academic programs. The Peak School seeks students from all cultural and socio-economic backgrounds. We are a nonprofit institution, dependent on tuition payments to help fund the necessary costs of paying our educators and operating expenses. Although we believe that parents have the primary responsibility to pay for the educational expenses of their children, we also realize that families often need assistance to afford a private education program. Currently, 33% of our students are receiving aid. There are several methods that can help make a private education a reality for your child.

Independent Private Scholarships

Peak is delighted to partner with ACE Scholarships to provide partial financial aid to families that send their students to the private schools of their choice. Please see our ACE Scholarship information and the ACE Scholarship Application for more information.

TKayla Computerhere are a handful of organizations which give scholarships for private school tuition. Most of these are not-for-profit entities which have as their mission the goal of providing assistance to students from economically disadvantaged circumstances. Although often challenging to secure, the amount of the scholarship awards varies from modest to full tuition. As a starting point in your search for this type of assistance, we suggest the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) and the Association of Colorado Independent Schools (ACIS).

Peak Grants
Within the limits of the school’s financial resources, The Peak School seeks to assist those families with demonstrated financial needs. The school sets aside a percentage of all net tuition for tuition assistance. Tuition assistance grants are awarded on the basis of a family’s demonstrated need, which is assessed using the nationally standardized system for analysis offered by the School and Student Service for Financial Aid. Because many families of new and returning students qualify for tuition assistance, Peak is not able to offer grants to all families, nor can it offer full demonstrated need in most cases. During this early stage of our existence, each family is expected to contribute a substantial portion of the cost for a Peak School education.

Apply for financial assistance here:  Click here to apply at tads.com

After the information has been received, The Peak School’s Tuition Assistance Committee will review the data and make a determination of the award. However, as our funds are finite, families should plan to apply by the priority deadline. All financial information is kept strictly confidential.

For more information about a Peak Scholarship or any of our Tuition Assistance Programs, please contact Admissions Director, Jessie Hoehn at jessie.hoehn@thepeakschool.org or (970) 368-5601.

Tuition assistance applications submitted prior to February 28, 2018 will be given priority. Some funds may be available to those who apply after the February date. You will need information from your 2016 tax return.