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Athletics & Activities

We believe an important part of educating the whole person includes our students’ involvement in extracurricular activities. The Peak School supports our students in a number of activities – from those we have created in-house to the many community partnerships we are establishing to give our students the opportunity for participation. More than 90% of students participate in clubs or teams outside of Peak with 50% of students participating in sports or extracurricular activities through Summit School District. Recently, Peak students have participated in football, volleyball, track, basketball, Nordic and Alpine skiing, lacrosse, speech & debate, hockey, dance & theater.

Extracurricular activities not only give students a chance to explore interests outside the classroom; these activities also give students the opportunity to demonstrate abilities to manage their time and priorities; make meaningful contributions to a team or group cohort, and maintain long-term commitments. One of the cornerstones of The Peak School philosophy is that students will be supported in their personal growth and will build a sense of identity during their time at the school.

Our Peak Principles support the development of graduates who are able to engage in the highest level of academic pursuits and have the knowledge and skills to pursue their individual passions. For many of our students, this balance includes the pursuit of athletics, music, theater and other activities. Peak students have the option of developing a modified schedule to meet their training needs, whether it’s to accommodate music lessons during the day or develop a personal learning plan to continue their progress through the school curriculum while they are training and competing. Students are consistently held to high expectations for concept mastery and must dedicate themselves to upholding academic and community commitments. At Peak, we believe extracurricular activities are a natural way for students to develop interpersonal and leadership skills as well as a strong personal work ethic.