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College Counseling

College-Counseling-PhotoThe college-counseling program at The Peak School is unique in its intensity, comprehensiveness, and personal approach. Beginning in 9th grade, students complete periodic workshops focusing on future goals and careers. Resume building, preliminary interest assessment, engagement in ongoing service projects, and visits to college campuses are also a focus of these preliminary counseling workshops.

In addition, Peak has partnered with The College Coach, independent counselors Travis and Amy Macy, experts in the field of college counseling. The College Coach provides highly personalized counseling services to each Peak student in grades 9-12, including information about honors and specialty programs, goal creation, suggestions about how to stand out in the admissions process, interview prep, and unlimited writing support for college essays. Beginning in 11thgrade, students have bi-weekly meetings with college counselors with the purpose of determining post-secondary priorities, scheduling standardized testing, and generating detailed lists and spreadsheets comparing colleges. Finally, The College Coach provides access to a Guided Path account, which is a comprehensive college search tool. In addition, our college counselors provide the following services:

  • Communications with college admission officers about Peak’s unique program
  • Helping Peak plan group field trips to college campuses
  • In-person, phone and email consultation for all questions that arise
  • Exploring options in-depth with the goal of finding an appropriate and meaningful fit for the student
  • Preparing for, scheduling, and taking the ACT, PSAT, SAT, and Subject Tests
  • Helping students polish applications so that they speak to students’ personal strengths

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Divisions III & IV
Post-Peak Planning Timeline

Division III, 9th Grade:

Fall: College Night

Winter: MyersBriggs Assessment

Spring: PSAT 8/9 Testing
Concentrate on academics
If you don’t already pursue any, consider a long-term extracurricular commitment
Begin visiting colleges when traveling


Division III, 10th Grade:

Fall: College Night, Aspen / Denver College Fairs

Winter: Guided Path Tutorial

Spring: PSAT 10, PSAT Subject Tests
Initial Family Meeting with Macy College Consulting
Visit college campuses with family

Division III, 11th Grade:

Fall: Initial Student and Parent Meeting and monthly student meetings with Macy College Consulting

Winter: Tri-Weekly Meetings with MCC begin
SAT (1st /2nd Sitting) in December or January
Sage SAT/ACT Prep “Mandatory Elective” – All Students

Spring: Bi-Weekly Meetings with MCC begin
SAT (2nd /3rd Sitting) in March or April
Peak college campus trips
Plan Senior Project with future in mind
Ask teachers for recommendations

Division IV:

Fall: College Essay Boot Camp (to finalize essays) – Late August
Bi-Weekly Meetings with MCC continue
SAT 3 (Need/Want) – October
Complete college applications

Winter: You should be done by now / Recommendation Thank-You notes

Spring: Decide among the colleges you have been admitted to…