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Division I

div1The academic environment at The Peak School is challenging, thought-provoking, engaging, and authentic. We aim to prepare students to think critically, to analyze information, to communicate clearly, and to question themselves and others.

This begins in Division I, when our youngest cohort learns the ropes at Peak. The curriculum for this year is an introduction to middle school, designed to build character through an understanding of our 10 Common Principles and Base Camp advisory program. The academic curriculum in Division I includes integrated STEM and Humanities courses, leveled math, world language, and a number of elective options. Additionally, students are introduced to our specialized outdoor education program, developing a sense of place in our Summit County backyard. Division I students must have a laptop, as they build skills in research, information access and analysis, and develop 21st century skills necessary for success in middle and upper school. This year will prepare students for the increasing opportunities and challenges in the years to follow.