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Division IV

div4aPeak School is committed to set each of our students up for success after they graduate. Division IV is designed to encourage and respond to each student’s unique interests, aspirations, academic and personal strengths. The schedule will be flexible enough to allow for on- and off-campus classroom and experiential, field-based learning.

Because we want our students to continue to have a common intellectual experience, and one that will give them an opportunity to demonstrate their understanding of our Ten Common Principles and their emerging roles in their communities, our Div IV students will take a capstone Humanities class, such as “Lives of Moral Leadership.” This class would include biographical studies of lives of well-known moral leaders; interviews with and oral histories of individuals who were role models for students; local leaders invited to join the seminar.

div4bAll Div IV students will also take on the challenge of a yearlong, intensive, creative, research-based Senior Project. Projects may include original novels, plays, or collections of poetry; engineering or robotic constructions; original historical research; fine art or fashion exhibitions or film screenings. Building on skills acquired during previous Gateway experiences, these projects will be the highlight of their college entrance portfolio.

Beyond those two components, the final Peak School year will be comprised of individualized experiences inside and beyond the classroom and Peak itself. Elective courses across the Liberal Arts at Peak, including such subjects as philosophy, psychology, science fiction, and film criticism; advanced mathematics, laboratory science, and technology courses at CMC for students wishing to pursue studies in engineering, pre-medicine, or scientific research; internships in fine art studios and professional theater groups; and language and cultural immersion experiences abroad are just some of the possibilities open to Division IV students.