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Ski & Snowboard Student Support

Ways that Peak School can help support winter athletes:

  • 8:1 student teacher ratio
  • Deliver a college preparatory education in Summit County
  • Fixed schedule structure that allows for minimal impact on afternoon training
  • Narrative based grading structure (In-line with schools like Burke Academy)
  • Proximity to Breckenridge
  • Dedicated to providing great communication between The Peak School and coaches
  • An academic program that allows the flexibility to personalize an educational experience that allows students to take the level of class that is appropriate for them
  • Can potentially provide transportation once a critical mass of student athletes is reached
  • Have created a senior project curriculum which allows seniors to intern/create senior projects for the whole 3rd quarter of their senior year (No classes)
  • Use of Google classrooms that allow students to access course material and homework remotely
  • Teachers that understand the increased demands associated with the different tiers of ski racing
  • Peak is interested in pursuing a summer classes program to relieve pressures on skiers during the academic year
  • A healthy financial aid budget to help accommodate families that are a great fit for The Peak School