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World Language

The primary goal of the Peak World language program is that students learn to communicate effectively in a second language through speaking, listening, reading, and writing. Students showing proficiency at more advanced levels of language can engage in advanced literature and language study as well as personalized options for integrating their second language proficiency into their other core classes. All students will have the option of taking courses in Spanish or Mandarin Chinese, and their placement in these courses directly depends on their language level, as determined through the ACTFL level.

Chinese-WritingThe goal of novice language classes is for students to learn basic vocabulary and to express themselves comfortably using short words or phrases. With a focus on simple conversation through speaking and writing, students will discuss familiar topics including daily interactions, preferences, food choices, etc. The goal of these classes is to encourage comfortable expression in the target language and to take initiative in learning a language.

The intermediate language courses emphasize the growth of speaking, reading, and listening skills. Students begin to explore more unfamiliar topics and there is more focus on using the language outside of the classroom and interacting with more advanced or native speakers. Students are able to communicate effectively and can utilize more advanced vocabulary and grammatical structures. The goal of intermediate language courses is to expand students’ comfort levels while interacting in the second language.

Advanced language courses at Peak begin to examine higher-level topics such as literature, history and editorial opinion. Students should be able to communicate and express themselves in most settings, familiar and unfamiliar. The goal of these courses is for students to be confident and comfortable using the language outside of the classroom setting. Student should be comfortable examining the language through mediums such as newspapers, books, music, magazines, etc. Integration to the native-language community is encouraged.

We encourage students to study one of our course offerings in Spanish or Mandarin Chinese. However, in our commitment to Personalization in curriculum, students who wish to engage in a world language not offered at Peak may choose to earn credit through successful completion of online language courses.