Pull up a seat at the table

There is no typical classroom at Peak.

Whether examining a patient using new medical vocabulary in Spanish, practicing conversational Chinese in a text message to peers, building interactive multimedia stories in English class, or attending a cadaver workshop in science, students are engaged in learning and practicing skills that not only enhance their understanding of content, but also prepare them to be self-confident critical thinkers and creative problem solvers.


Explore beyond your classroom

Outdoor education (OE) at The Peak School means more than simply putting on your hiking boots and going for a long walk.

Our OE program is built on the tenets of leadership, communication, and teamwork. We celebrate the beginning of a new academic year not in the classroom, but rather outside, exploring our local rivers and trails and connecting with old friends and new. A commitment to exploration and play in the outdoors is integral to The Peak School community.  


Find your voice

Classes at The Peak School range from 8 - 15 students, which means every student voice is heard.

At Peak, you are part of a Division of students working toward mastering skills over a number of years. Prior to matriculating into the next Division, you demonstrate your mastery through a "Gateway" project that is presented to faculty and peers. Developing student-led inquiry, public-speaking, and self-confidence skills are a cornerstone of Peak's curriculum. 


Become a life-long learner

“If we teach today’s students as we taught yesterday’s, we rob them of tomorrow.”
                                                           - John Dewey

At Peak, we believe that learning should be personalized and holistic, which is reflected in our grading philosophy. Life-long learners don't do work just for the grade, they grow skills that foster curiosity and encourage inquiry. As a student, you are assessed using skills-based rubrics, and must demonstrate your mastery in each skill before moving ahead.


Discover your passions

As a senior at The Peak school, you don't just learn about your passions, you live them.

For three out of four quarters, you engage in an academically challenging college-level curriculum. Schedules are designed to offer more flexibility and ownership of your learning, while also fostering time-management skills crucial for post-secondary success. In addition to core classes, you focus on a self-designed, year-long capstone project. In third-quarter, you embark on an experiential internship to further research and "live" your project.   


Join our mountain community

In 2017, Business Insider selected Summit County as "the healthiest place in America." Affectionately referred to as "Colorado's playground," Summit boasts some of the greatest  outdoor recreation spaces in the nation. Locals enjoy easy access to skiing, mountain biking, climbing, hiking, rafting, and sailing. The Peak School campus is located within a 30 minute drive of five of Colorado's most popular ski resorts. It's no wonder everyone is so healthy!