Start the day off with people you can count on

Peak’s advisory program, or Base Camp, consists of up to 10 students and one faculty advisor. Base Camps meet daily for a short time at the beginning and end of the school day for daily announcements and check-ins. Base Camps also meet for an extended period two days a week during which there is a focus on community building and academic support. 

Base Camp isn't your typical homeroom. Our daily meetings are also an opportunity for teachers and students to develop strong bonds outside of the classroom, building the connections that make The Peak School such a unique learning community.

On Wednesdays for part of lunch and Thursday afternoons, students and faculty in both the Middle and Upper School mix up their Base Camps for a Community Base Camp. Each Community Base Camp consists of students from the 6th through 12th grade and at least two faculty members. These moments allow our community to come together and bond across schools and grade levels for games and conversation.