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A commitment to intellect, character, citizenship, and community are essential qualities in a Peak School educator. Peak offers an incredible opportunity for educators to engage their creativity and innovative thinking while seeking the highest levels of responsibility and achievement for their students. Individuals who enjoy this freedom and seek to be active, contributing members of an intellectual community thrive at Peak.

The Peak School is committed to developing students who think critically, act with integrity, and inspire others. Staff at The Peak School embody these qualities, motivating their students to do the same.

The ideal Peak School teacher exhibits the following qualities:

Curriculum and Instruction

  • Designs and implements curriculum aligned with The Peak School’s Philosophy.
  • Develops innovative lessons that are challenging, age-appropriate, and emphasize depth over coverage.
  • Promotes critical thinking, creative thinking, and problem solving while holding high, personalized expectations for all students.
  • Integrates both nature and technology into the curriculum.
  • Embraces the student-as-worker, teacher-as-coach approach to instruction.
  • Assesses students through a variety of methods, with an emphasis on performance-based exhibitions.
  • Continually seeks and engages in professional development to maintain a high level of knowledge of current research and practices.


  • Encourages students to take ownership over their education, make positive interpersonal choices, and take responsibility for their community interactions.
  • Promotes understanding and respect for multiple perspectives by building and teaching a curriculum that follows the best practices for multi-cultural education.
  • Ensures that tolerance, respect for diversity and disrupting injustice extend beyond learning, becoming practice.
  • Manages the classroom and supports the students in a manner that is recognized as fair and consistent with the school mission and philosophies.
  • Exhibits a commitment to the entire school and is eager to be a contributing part of activities outside the classroom, including school events, retreats, and special programs.

Professionalsim and Collegiality

  • Supports colleagues through teamwork, collaboration, flexibility, and proactive communication.
  • Maintains professional demeanor at all times with children, parents, and colleagues.
  • Solicits and respects the parent perspective of the child.
  • Maintains a positive and mature problem-solving attitude while dealing with interpersonal conflict or workload demands.
  • Articulates curriculum and program design and expectations to both students and parents.
  • Provides thoughtful, narrative feedback to students and parents with the intention of raising student achievement.
  • Engages in regular communication with both students and parents through conversations, writing, and active listening.

Current Openings:

Front Desk Coordinator/Executive Assistant

August 5th 2019 through June 5th 2020 (follows school schedule)


7:45-3:15 Monday- Friday


  • Greets all incoming students, families and guests respectfully and professionally.

  • Ensuring the safety and security of the school at all times, making sure that the front door is locked and entry to the premises controlled. Ensuring that all visitors sign in and take a visitor badge where necessary.

  • Manage attendance, absence and tardy tracking; enter information into a proprietary student information system; generate lists, rosters and reports as needed. Follow-up attendance phone-calls.

  • Serving as an on-call sub for the school.

  • Answers phone calls in a pleasant, informed manner for the purpose of providing information and creating a good image of the school.

  • Manages telephone message system (office hours, school closures, inclement weather and other recorded messages).

  • Assists in all aspects of maintaining a professional front office, including but not limited to, fielding and directing incoming phone calls to the appropriate staff member in a timely, professional manner, filing and copying and faxing of sensitive information.

  • Understands, accepts, and abides by the School’s philosophy and mission statement in all his school activities.

  • Develops a positive, welcoming and caring climate in the Front Office.

  • Consistently exhibits high standards of professional conduct.

  • Arrives punctually, be prepared for each school day, and maintains regular attendance.

  • Provides for children’s personal needs such as attending to those who are sick or hurt; administering medications as prescribed by a physician in accordance with training and authorization.

  • Assists students and others with routine problems and will refer non-routine items to a supervisor.

  • Maintains, sorts and distributes mail for school.

  • Oversees maintenance for copier.

  • Oversee Costco orders and school supply orders.

  • Additional duties as assigned by Head of School.

  • Coordinate logistics for school and community activities.

  • Serves as point person for vendors when maintenance is needed.

  • Troubleshoots IT issues on campus.

  • Oversee all Transportation

The Peak School does not discriminate against anyone based on race, color, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation, disability status or any other trait that is protected under local, state or federal law. In addition, we do not allow discrimination of any kind in the workplace. We are an equal opportunity employer and also take affirmative action measures against discrimination in all aspects of employment and School business. This policy applies not only to personnel decisions, but to all aspects of business.

Head of School Travis Aldrich speaks with Math teacher Ben Butler in the hallway between classes at The Peak School (Hugh Carey/Summit Daily).

Head of School Travis Aldrich speaks with Math teacher Ben Butler in the hallway between classes at The Peak School (Hugh Carey/Summit Daily).