2016 Parent Survey Results

Results of 2016 Parent Survey

Not surprisingly, the results of the 2016 Parent Survey align to a large extent with the results of the HSSSE survey that Upper School students took. Overall, the feedback is extremely positive and parents voiced strong and universal support and appreciation for the kind of learning that takes place at The Peak School.



Type of Learning

  • Independent, hands-on, in-depth, and personalized
  • Small class sizes and small teacher-to-student ratio

Incredible Teachers

  • The dedication, accessibility, and responsiveness of the teachers

Community & Culture

  • Students learn responsibility and leadership

Increased Academic Rigor

  • Appreciation for accountability
  • Multi-disciplinary projects 

Student Experience

  • Students enjoy going to school and are engaged with their learning
  • Community encourages self-confidence
  • Students feel safe, comfortable, and supported in the environment


Areas for Growth


  • Readier access to information about students progress – keeping Jump Rope more updated and more regular communications from Base Camp and subject teachers.


  • Peak students giving back more: Several parents would like to see Peak students more involved in the community, as well as giving back to Peak.
  • Form a PTSA and get more involvement from parent community in recruiting new students, with the aim of a larger and more diverse student body.


Peak Parent Testimonials

My children are engaged in the community and the learning. The teachers are supportive and responsive. I like the democratic approach. I love the college advising and tutoring. I like it all!

I know I'm welcome in the school to observe, that I can have access to the teachers and administration, that I am supported in giving my child the best possible education, that we have help financially to do so.

I love the way my daughter LOVES to go to school every day. She is excited about learning and loves her teachers!

The Peak School is a unique environment that offers a very special way of learning and a path through education for dedicated learners.

[Students] feel comfortable in the community. They feel safe and able to communicate both with students and staff. Their voice is heard. They are owning their education

Outdoor education = experiential hands on learning. Learning through challenging experiences in a group and solo.

Such a close and caring community! I feel someone is looking out for my child all the time. All the outdoor activities really keep him positive about school.

My student is really empowered to own and take charge of his education at Peak, also advanced, deep, thorough and unhurried coverage of content, such encouragement of a creative approach to learning, the leveled math and genuine relationships he builds with teachers- they really know and care about my child. The school really works to make my child's education right for him.

It coincides with our family philosophy of education being engaging, with lots of experiential learning, plenty of support to pursue unique interests, all in a democratic style community, which teaches communication and life skills beyond the traditional classroom.

We like that student's are allowed to have an unsuccessful attempt at something, but then are given another chance to improve the outcome without having it turn into a permanent grade on their transcript.

He loves going to school. He is able to pursue his interests. He is generally interested in learning and the style of learning works for him.

We love how our child's attitude about school has improved since attending Peak!

He chooses to learn. It's all him. And he is learning.


Caroline Santinelli