College Prep

At The Peak School, we are always preparing for the future. Whether it’s our staff planning ahead for lessons, our community preparing for an event, or our student’s gearing up for an outdoor ed. trip. The same is true for our Division III and IV students who are looking ahead to life after Peak: college.  

Going to college is such an exciting time in a young person’s life. Moving out of the house and discovering life on your own, making new friends and learning a lot. But planning for college, and deciding which is the right school for a particular student, is something that we take very seriously at The Peak School. Our college counselor, Nick Smith, has been working very hard and getting universities to stop in and chat with our students. Just this past week, we had representatives from Dartmouth College and the University of Vermont that sat down with some of our Division IV students that are working hard on their college applications. We are also very fortunate to be working with Travis and Amy Macy who work with our Division III student’s to help them find a university with that is the right fit for them, along with getting them prepared for every step of the college application process.

  With more colleges visiting Peak in the near future, our students are going to have a great idea of where they want to go for school and what they want to study. It’s no question that when the time comes, our students will be well prepared for their transition from The Peak School to university.

Caroline Santinelli