Morgan Moore ~ Keeping it Real

“Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened.” If you know STEM and Outdoor Education teacher Morgan Moore, you’ll agree that quote perfectly sums up her approach to experiential learning and love of the outdoors.  In fact, it’s her favorite Dr. Seuss quote. For Morgan, making the leap from the curriculum to real world and the outdoors is what it’s all about. One of her personal favorite outdoor adventures was climbing Denali.  She said, “It was hard work with a big reward!”  

Morgan is particularly excited about identifying and studying local and regional water issues with Division 1 students in the coming months during the “Water in the West” STEM curriculum for the 4th quarter. An important take-away for the Division 1 students will be to understand the value of water as a controversial natural resource. Noted Morgan, “Water in the West is a precious resource for many reasons, and it will be very interesting for them to study our local and regional relationships to water, and the controversies surrounding specific water issues."


For Division 3 students, the OE trip is a 5-day rafting trip with Adventure Bound River Expeditions.  These students are reading a book prior to the trip about John Wesley Powell's expedition down the Colorado River so that they will learn the history behind the river exploration. Besides the educational benefit, she appreciates the opportunity to build community, as well as strengthen leadership, teamwork and outdoor skills. She’s looking forward to making some great memories and having a lot of fun!

Caroline Santinelli