National History Day Documentaries

Each year, Upper School students at Peak participate in National History Day, a nation-wide academic celebration of our national origins. National History Day frames students’ research within a historical theme, chosen for broad application to world, national or state history and its relevance to ancient history or to the more recent past. This year’s theme is Exploration, Encounter, Exchange in History. The intentional selection of the theme for NHD is to provide an opportunity for students to push past the antiquated view of history as mere facts and dates and drill down into historical content to develop perspective and understanding. Most students presented their NHD projects at an Exhibition in January, but some students chose to create film documentaries for their NHD projects. Take some time to check out Ethan F.'s project, Gender Stereotypes of Disney Princess Movies or Selah K.'s project, The Jazz Age: Exploration, Encounter, and Exchange.

Caroline Santinelli