Peak College Tour Includes Camping, Canyons, & the Coast of California

Six Peak School 11th grade students and two teachers will embark on a college trip to California next week that is part road trip, part campus tour. The group will fly from Denver to San Francisco, where they will spend a day touring the campuses of Stanford, UC Berkeley, and USF. They have rented two cars, so students can pick and choose which campuses they see and activities they do at each stop. The teachers and students will spend three days driving down the coast of California, making stops in Santa Cruz and Los Angeles to tour UC Santa Cruz, Cal Poly, UCLA, Loyola Marymount, Occidental College and more than five other college campuses along the way. After four days of touring colleges, the group will spend three days driving back to Colorado, with overnights camping in Joshua Tree, Zion, and Arches National Parks. They will be gone for a week in total, on a journey that incorporates several cornerstones of a Peak School education. They will receive personalized instruction and counseling from dedicated teachers who know each student well; they will learn what they want in the next step of their education; and they will continue their appreciation for environmental stewardship and nature.

Over Spring break, two students flew back to New York with Head of School, Steve Coleman to tour East Coast colleges and universities in New York, Washington DC, and Philadelphia. Both trips are part of Peak’s unique and comprehensive college counseling program, and most of the students attending will be a part of The Peak School’s first graduating class next year in Spring of 2017.

Caroline Santinelli