Student Feature: Arel Svenson

Like many Peak students, Arel Svenson is smart, active, loves to get outdoors and really enjoys life in Summit County.  Along with those things, this Division 3 student has so much more going on. Besides snowboarding, back country experiences and mountain biking, Arel enjoys ultimate Frisbee and, recently, has taken up climbing.  As far as time at the climbing gym, he’s been getting some great coaching from friend and fellow Peak student Will Sharp.

Arel successfully transitioned from home schooling to The Peak School.  He liked the home school experience because, if he worked hard to complete his studies for the day, he was able to get out and snowboard or bike. Since coming to Peak, Arel has really enjoyed the strong student-teacher relationships and class interaction with teachers and other students alike. After completing his high school education at Peak, Arel intends to pursue studies in engineering, videography and as a pilot.

Uniquely, Arel hasn’t waited for graduation to start his education or experience in videograpy.  This full time student also runs a business.  He and student Will Sharp have partnered to create and run Ten Mile Digital, where they shoot both interior and exterior video footage for clients like the Breckenridge Nordic Center.  He’s already off to a great start!

Caroline Santinelli