Student Feature: Jake M.

Other than attending The Peak School, Division II Peak student Jake M. doesn’t spend a lot of time off the ice. He is the goalie on several different hockey teams, including a AAA tournament team based in Denver, the Thunderbirds. At 13 years old, this Breckenridge teen has already been playing hockey for six years. On and off the ice, Jake is being carefully groomed by a goalie coach who meets with him twice each week at the rec center to work on building strength and agility. His favorite part about suiting up to defend the goal? The pressure. Jake says the adrenaline of knowing he is the last line of defense makes him work harder for his teams. Outside of the hockey rink, Jake enjoys the outdoors and spent time rafting and camping this summer. He also plays lacrosse and mountain bikes. Jake recently started his second year at The Peak School, and he said one of the biggest differences he’s noticed is the strong community and always feeling welcome. His favorite subject is Humanities because he loves history (and his teacher, Kathleen), and he enjoys his friends at Peak.

The decision to attend Peak was just the beginning of Jake’s ownership over his education, and he has the Air Force Academy in his sights as a next stop. His goal is to play hockey for Air Force. He’s off to a great start there, as he’s already in contact with the coach, who has watched him play. With a love for planes and flying, Jake hopes to accumulate hours during college toward becoming a commercial pilot. So listen carefully on flights of the distant future, as you just may hear Jake welcoming you to your destination!


Caroline Santinelli