Student Feature: Natalie A.

New to Peak this year, Division II student Natalie Anderson says she is most excited about how The Peak School works. Natalie has been enjoying the project-based learning, hands on assignments, and small classroom environment, and commented that there is “a lot of trust here.” She has already ‘wowed’ teachers by incorporating her love of baking into a STEM project, where she decorated cupcakes with images describing the different steps in the nitrogen, carbon, phosphorous, and water cycles. Natalie really likes all of her classes at Peak this year, but Spanish with teacher Monica Mills stands out as her favorite so far. Natalie is also enjoying her food elective, taught by Adam Brenner. She describes the class as a great balance between learning about food and culture, and preparing food. Students in the food elective have learned how and why people from different regions of the world use the resources available to them to make certain foods. So far, students have prepared shrimp ceviche, smoked salmon pasta, elk tacos, chicken yakitori and ramen, and Laksa, a Malaysian coconut chili noodle soup.

Outside of school, Natalie participates on the Summit Rugby 8th grade team. She has been playing rugby for two years, but this is her first year on the team, and it’s off to a great start. She plays the position of “prop,” which is in the front row of the scrum, and pushes against the oppositions props. Natalie likes that in rugby, everyone is equal because it’s a team sport, and everyone has to work together. There are no pads, except for an optional scrum cap, which is a foam helmet that helps prevent cauliflower ear during the scrum. Between rugby and school, Natalie is sure to have a busy year, but she’ll still find time to help out at her family’s business, Soupz On in Breckenridge. She doesn’t hold regular hours at the restaurant, but Natalie lends a hand when her mom needs help, someone calls in sick, or she needs some extra cash! We are thrilled to have Natalie and her family as part of The Peak School community!


Caroline Santinelli