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Colorado’s Best Kid- Grant Morgan On Fox News

If your students are gearing up to take college entrance exams like the ACT, SAT, and AP, one of Colorado's Best Kids has some great advice. Grant Morgan is a 2017 graduate of The Peak School in Frisco, CO. His nickname is "The Test Master" because he's aced so many of these tests.  See his top five tips below.

Grant is also an accomplished pianist, who has written an original sonata, and he speaks fluent Chinese and conversational Spanish.  He also loves the great outdoors and traveling the world.  He's leaving soon for a 5-month nature and leadership course in Patagonia.  After his trip, he plans to study medicine & neuroscience and become a neurosurgeon.

Grant’s Test-Taking Tips:

  1. Choose your tests wisely.  You are about to devote months of your life to tests like Advanced Placement exams, so the best thing you can do to score well is choose a subject(s) you have passion for. You don't have to love studying for these tests, but what you learn should at least spark your curiosity.
  2. Get some sleep. I pulled an all-nighter before the Advanced Placement American Government exam and I barely recall the three hours I spent taking it. This lack of recollection is proof enough that a good night’s rest is critical. Overall, sleep helps keep you healthy and steadies your nerves – and it’s one of the easiest things you can do.
  3. Take advantage of free resources and be creative with others.
  4. Get experience in your field of interest and subject matter and be prepared to apply the knowledge you’ve gained before test day.
  5. Finally, start studying now: the earlier, the better. This is a process – a journey with a beginning, middle and end.

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